Critical Questions in Education Conference

Since 2005, the Academy for Educational Studies has hosted an annual conference.  The Critical Questions in Education conference is a unique event, inviting dialogue and presentations oriented around a theme question (or related theme questions).  The idea is to create an intimate environment where participants can come to think about a focused topic.  The conference is held in the fall, usually toward the end of October. 


2013 Call for Proposals

Are traditional teacher education programs preparing quality teachers?

How should we evaluate teachers, school administrators, or professors?

Keynote speaker: TBA


2012: Complete Program

Why do so many people want to “fix” our public schools?  Are they really that bad?  If so, why? 

Is the current round of educational reform—tenure reform, standardized testing, merit pay, etc.—well-aimed or wrong-headed?  Are there better reforms to offer?

Are we asking the wrong questions about how to improve education?  Can educational foundations help?

Keynote speaker:

Walter Feinberg, University of Illinois



Digital media and our children:  What has been lost or gained?

Will eliminating tenure ruin teaching or reinvigorate it?

Keynote speaker:

Mark Bauerlein, author of The Dumbest Generation



How Should We Prepare New Teachers?

Keynote speaker:

 Philip W. Jackson, University of Chicago



Has higher education lost its soul?   What ideas in education are worth keeping,  and which ones ought to be thrown out?                                   

Keynote speakers

Christopher Lucas, University of Arkansas

Daniel Kaufman, Missouri State University



Rethinking education:  Is it time for radical  change in the public schools?                                   

Keynote speakers

Kieran Egan, Simon Fraser University

Paul Theobald, Buffalo State University



What should the role of religion be in  21st century public schools?     

Keynote speakers:                                       

Nel Noddings, Stanford University (emeritus)

Jordan Lorence, Alliance Defense Fund

T. Jeremy Gunn, ACLU



Why do kids hate school?                     

Keynote speakers:                                             

Philip Cusick, Michigan State University

Susan Ohanian

David Owen, Iowa State University (emeritus)         



How has education changed in the  last hundred years?           

Keynote speaker:                                      

Christopher Lucas, University of Arkansas