MS Two-Year Degree Plan

Flexibility in finishing your degree

The student affairs graduate degree is a 42-hour program that can be completed in either two or three years, depending on the courses taken. Your course load may also vary depending on when you plan to complete your practicum. Graduate students completing 9-12 hours per semester and one summer class will graduate in two years. Students working full-time at MSU or other campuses may want to complete their requirements in three years, and if you are a full-time and experienced employee at Missouri State or an area institution, you may substitute EAD 748 Reflective Moment in Higher Education and Student Affairs for EAD 747 Supervised Practice. Graduate students with emerging practical experiences gain additional experiences through EAD 747. Students must complete six-hours or two sections of EAD 748 to meet degree requirements. We offer EAD 748 in different semesters to provide students more options to complete this requisite.

A sample two-year schedule is provided for review, but students should note that their actual schedule will vary. Students should plan their class schedules according to the educational administration rotation and counseling course rotation as well as consult with Dr. Gilbert Brown to complete a degree audit.

First semester (fall)

SAE 721 Introduction to Student Affairs 3
SAE 723 Student Development Theory 3
SAE 726 Higher Education in the United States 3
Total hours9

Second semester (spring)

SAE 732 Leadership and Administration in Higher Education 3
SAE 747 Supervised Practice 3
SAE 767 Assessment and Evaluation 3
COU 710 The Helping Relationship 2
Total hours9-12

Third semester (summer)

SAE 747 Supervised Practice 3
Total hours3

Fourth semester (fall)

SAE 735 Governance and Finance in Higher Education 3
SAE 738 Legal and Ethical Issues in Student Affairs 3
SAE 766 Research Methods and Data Analysis 3
Total hours9

Fifth semester (spring)

SAE 729 Foundations of Research 3
SAE 749 Student Outcomes 3
SAE 747 Supervised Practice 3
SAE 771 Capstone Seminar 3
COU 711 The Helping Relationship Lab 1
Total hours13