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Welcome to the homepage of the Academy for Educational Studies. The Academy was founded in 2005 with a particular mission in mind: to create a community of people interested in having thoughtful conversations about important educational questions and issues.  The Academy accomplishes this by hosting the Critical Questions in Education Conference (as well as other activities) and by creating publishing opportunities connected with Academy events.

Membership Information

Membership in the Academy is open to all who want to share in and contribute to these important conversations--university professors, practicing teachers, school administrators, teacher education students, and anyone else who cares about schools and teaching.  Membership information and a list of member benefits is available on this web-site. 

Please explore our web-site—and we especially invite you to examine the Academy's  journal, Critical Questions in Education, edited by Eric C. Sheffield.  Click on the journal’s link for instructions on how to submit articles for peer review.

We want to share the Academy for Educational Studies with you--on this website, at our conferences, through our publications, and through an offer of membership.  Please contact us at or 417-836-5982.

Steven Jones  Steven P. Jones, Director of the Academy

Eric Sheffield  Eric C. Sheffield, Assistant Director


2014/2015 Critical Questions in Education Conferences

We invite your participation at the 10th annual Critical Questions in Education Conferences—this year to be held in two different locations.  We’ll be in Louisville, Kentucky at the beautiful, historic Brown Hotel from October 13th through 15th, 2014, and we’ll be in San Diego, California at the U.S. Grant Hotel, a luxury hotel also loaded with history.  We’ll be in San Diego from February 16th—18th, 2015.  Choose the location that’s best for you—or submit proposals to both conferences, if you like.

We hope you can come join us for conversation and study about critical questions in education.  We have two theme questions for 2014/15.  Our first question:  Why have civil rights era educational legislation and policy in the United States failed our most vulnerable students?  How should we address the needs of these students in and out of schools?  And our second question:  How is schooling conducted in other countries?  What can we learn from the policies, purposes, and practices of education systems—or individual schools—from around the world?

These questions will be the primary focus of the conference, though we welcome presentations on one of our past theme questions.  The first two days of the conference will feature “Academy Talks” by national figures (to be selected shortly) and concurrent sessions on aspects of current and past theme questions. Our third day, called “A Seat at the Table,” is a day when we review what we’ve learned from conference presentations and plan writing opportunities (books, chapters, and articles).  All are welcome to attend.

Please see the Call for Proposals on this website. Deadline for proposals is July 1, 2014 for the Louisville conference.  The deadline is November 1, 2014 for the San Diego conference.