Fact Sheet 19



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How to get a teacher trained as an In-District Autism Consultant (IDAC)

  1. Register the teacher(s) to attend six days of autism training ro including the following:
    • Introduction to Autism AND either Working with Autistic Students in the School OR Early Intervention for the Young Child with Autism (These trainings are offered through your Regional Professional Development Centers) Links to these centers are located on the home page of Project ACCESS website.
  2. Request your teacher to receive In-District Autism Consultant training (letter form Aministrator to Project ACCESS).
  3. Register your teacher(s) to attend the In-District Autism Consultant training (refer to registration form)
    • Training for In-District Autism Consultants will be held each summer (usually in June)

What are the advantages to the district of having an ACCESS trained In-District Autism Consultant?

  • You will have your own on-site staff person with expertise in autism.
  • The In-District Autism Consultant can support and train other district staff members.
  • The In-District Autism Consultant has the knowledge and skills to facilitate team diagnosis and programming for students with autism.
  • The In-District Autism Consultant collaborates with staff to get additional support and resources to support students with autism when necessary.
  • The In-District Autism Consultant has close ties with Project ACCESS when further advice is needed.
  • Many of the techniques that are taught are applicable to other students, disabled and non-disabled.
  • Project ACCESS offers periodic professional development opportunities at no charge to In-district Autism Consultants.