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Project ACCESS featured training video: There is No Such Thing as "Autistic Behaviors" and the "High Functioning" Label is Not Helpful

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Project ACCESS offers several types of training in different formats. Many of our workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of single school districts and offered onsite. Please contact us if your district is interested in hosting an onsite workshop that might be for your staff only or might be available to neighboring districts as well.

We have some workshops that are available in your choice of an online or face-to-face format, others that are hybrids with two days of online training and two days of face-to-face training, spread across a number of weeks, and still others that are face-to-face only. You can learn more about all of these workshops by reading the workshop descriptions and you can sign up for them by locating the desired workshop on the Project ACCESS calendar of training events. Simply follow the calendar link to and you can register there. is the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's recommended registration system for school district personnel seeking professional development opportunities. Your school or your local Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC) can create a account if you need one.

Project ACCESS also sponsors a number of workshops offered by third party training organizations. Frequently we host these larger trainings in a central part of the state (an example is Ziggurat training). Or we may offer scholarships to events planned by the organization itself (an example is PECS training). Scholarships make the training itself free although you will have to cover your own travel expenses. A listing of these sponsored autism workshops is available.

Our Introduction to Education of Students with Autism is available completely online and is available in an educator version and in a para-educator version. We also offer a special workshop that is not specifically autism training per se, but is more about how to be an effective autism consultant (IDAC) for your district.

Lastly, we have shorter informational online trainings delivered via asynchronous-viewable-on-demand modes like podcasts and webinars, and in synchronous modes like live webcasts. These are generally available to you through membership in our online community of practice (CoP). CoP alerts regarding these special events are sent out to CoP members via email. If you are interested, please request a CoP membership account and you might also consider signing up for our general mailing list.

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