Regional Professional Development Centers



The hyperlinks for each RPDC below will direct you to the RPDC's website homepage and their respective training calendar.  In all cases but the St. Louis RPDC, the hyperlink points to a listing of workshops/seminars on that particular RPDC's My Learning Plan list of events.  You can further filter out "non ASD" workshops by choosing the Special Education category in the search tool at the top of the page (you may have to click on the link labeled "[advanced search on/off] " in order to see the advanced search options. You can also find a statewide listing of all Special Education seminars only on My Learning Plan.

Southeast RPDC-Southeast Missouri State University-Cape Girardeau (RPDC #1)

Hook Center for Educational Renewal-University of Missouri-Columbia (RPDC #2)

KC-RPDC Kansas City Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC #3)

Northeast Missouri RPDC-Truman State University-Kirksville (RPDC #4)

Northwest Missouri RPDC-Northwest Missouri State University-Maryville (RPDC #5)

South Central RPDC-Missouri University of Science and Technology-Rolla (RPDC #6)

Southwest  RPDC-Missouri State University-Springfield (RPDC #7)

St. Louis RPDC- Education Plus (formerly Cooperating School Districts) (RPDC #8)

Central RPDC-University of Central Missouri-Warrensburg (RPDC #9)