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 This section of the website contains the BSS Newsletter submitted 3 times a year. The first newsletter was developed in the fall of 2013. Future newsletters will be added during the following months: January, May and August.

 A goal of future newsletters is to highlight the teachers, students, schools or agencies who serve children who are blind or visually impaired.  To accomplish this task readers can submit information for possible inclusion in future newsletters.  Submission Ideas:

  1. Tech Tip: If you have anything to share regarding assistive technology, please send a brief highlight. This could include a special app, software or type of equipment.  The editor of the newsletter will need the following: Name of technology, target audience/age group, how you used the item to support the educational needs of your student.
  2. Teaching Strategy: If you have a successful teaching strategy, please submit your idea to the editor of this newsletter. Send the following information:  What is your strategy? (name & description) What core or expanded core topic did this strategy address? What age or grade is it appropriate? Did you use any special curriculum, tool, equipment or adapted device? Please note, the strategy can be in art, music or PE as well as the core or expanded core subject areas. 
  3. Honor Roll:  If you have a student with a unique skill, received a special award or participated in a special event and want to highlight him/her, please submit the following: the BSS photographic release and permission forms. The essay should not provide a full name or any personally identifying information. 
  4. Valuable Resources: If you have found a valuable resource to share with others such as a book, article, webinar, or other online resource related to the topic of blindness please send the information to the editor. Please submit the following information: Name of resource, title & author, web link and a brief description.

 Submit to the Editor: Julie Anderson-Ituarte at – jituarte@missouristate.edu


BSS News Letter Winter 2013

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