CACREP Accreditated through 2023

We are pleased to announce that our CACREP accreditation has been extended to our next cycle in 2023. You can anticipate continued excellence and some changes on the horizon as we transition into the 2016 standards. We will streamline our assessment process, utilizing TaskStream to create the portfolio, and you can expect to see syllabus updates starting this summer. Starting soon, we will be introducing some changes in the curriculum to offer new options for all students, and to prepare for K-12 School Counseling certification, consistent with many other states.  

This Month's Faculty Spotlight- Dr. Maia Moore discussing the MSU Graduate Counseling Program


SITE SUPERVISOR TRAINING for Spring 2017 Supervision of Interns:

Site Supervisor Training-Tuesday July 25, 2017  CMHC site supervisor training will be at 11:30-12:30 and School site supervisor training will be at 1:00 PM in the Park Central Office Building room 127

*Site supervisors who have current training through the FA17 semester will have the opportunity to update site supervisor training during site visits by instructors this semester.  Please notify your intern if this is something you are interested in, as the site visits may take a bit longer than usual to accommodate for this.

 Spring 2018 applications for practicum and internship are due by 8/1/2017 

Spring 2018 applications for Counseling Program are due by 09/01/2017


About Us

Our faculty come from a wide background of experience and diversity. Their love and devotion to preparing future counselors, lead this CACREP accredited program.

Center City Counseling Clinic

Center City Counseling Center is one of Springfield's longest counseling centers, providing low income residents with professional services and students the opportunity to work in a real world setting.

Community Partners

The MSU Graduate Counseling program works directly with local schools, hospitals and clinics in an effort to provide students with real world experience. If you are a community partner enter through this portal for documents.