Greenwood secondary students, grades 6-12, moved into their new Silver LEED certified Science Scholars' Laboratory in the fall of 2011. The facility houses two state-of-the-art laboratories, offices, study nooks and a student atrium.



At Greenwood, K-12 students have state-of-the-art science laboratories and learn using

the latest technology. Students in fifth grade through twelfth grade use electronic textbooks

for many core subjects. Kindergarten through 4th grade use i-pads in the classroom.




 Ever-changing technology is used to enhance the hands-on experience for our students and  

 encourages students to explore topics thoroughly. Integrating new technology into classroom

 learning is crucial as a laboratory school and Greenwood strives to meet the needs of our 

 students, our experienced educators and the college students training to become teachers.


Greenwood K- 5 students have their own Science Scholars' Center and Science teacher, unique to the region. Elementary students attend the Science Center for classes.

K-5 Science Center.jpg