Visual Arts

Sue Baldwin
Director of K-12 Visual Arts

Greenwood has many talented artists. The K-12 setting allows students to develop their talents from an early age. This page will help you to find out who those students are and see their creativity and interdisciplinary projects. 

Student artwork incorporates the National Standards for the arts by including dance, theater, literature and the fine arts. Projects include both 2 and 3 dimensional designs.

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Ms. Baldwin encourages students to be creative in their projects while teaching them to be disciplined in practice and the use of the elements and principles of design. The Upper Elementary grades, Jr. High and High School classes critique art work so they develop the skill to recognize why projects are successful or not. 

For the past three years students from elementary and secondary levels have created artwork that has been displayed for SoleFest, Springfield’s Traditional Dance Society weekend dance held in Springfield. Examples of art produced with themes inspired by the performers are the String Dancers and the Avant Gardeners. 

Secondary students have also had the privilege of displaying art in local Springfield venues such as, The Mud House on the Missouri State Campus and Bambinos Restaurant.


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Student Art Work

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