Teacher Work Sample (TWS)

The introduction to the TWS is covered in the MAT nine hour summer workshop. 

Then, while Student Teaching, the pre-service teacher completes a TWS project that helps demonstrate teaching performances directly related to assessing  impact on P-12 student learning and their teaching effectiveness.

How to use the TWS Template

  • Download the template to your local computer.  DO NOT open the file from this website and begin to enter information. You must download the file.
  • To download-click on the link below for the file and then select SAVE or right-click on the link and use SAVE TARGET AS.  It is recommended that your rename the file with your  last name, first name and TWS.  DO NOT use any special characters in the name and do not include spaces.
  • Example of a correctly named file: JonesSallyTWS
  • Once the file is saved to your local computer or flash drive, open the file. 
  • Instructions on how to use the template begin on page one of the file.
  • When the project is completed you should save the document both as a WORD document and as a PDF file. 
  • Be sure to have a backup copy of your TWS project as a word document.  Remember it is easier to edit a word document than a PDF file.

Student Teachers - Uploading the file to STEPS System

After your TWS project is completed Student Teachers will upload the file to the STEPS system for scoring by the University Supervisor.

Specific directions will be sent to you via email from the STEPS coordinator on how to log onto STEPS and how to upload your project.  You should receive an email when the STEPS system has been updated and is ready to accept your TWS project file.  You should expect to receive an email until about two weeks before the project is due, not before.  If you have questions or need help with STEPS, follow this link to access the contact information for the MSU STEPS Coordinator.

Resources and Files for Download

Teacher Work Sample Template  Word Document .doc  (Download this file and use to complete your TWS if you have Word 2003 or earlier)

Teacher Work Sample Template Word  2007 (Download this file and use to complete your TWS if you have Word 2007)

Teacher Work Sample Rubric (Word Document)     (PDF Document)