Middle School Education Undergraduate Program

Middle school students

Why study middle school education at Missouri State?

If your career path is leading you to become an educator of school-aged children grades five through nine, our middle school education program will provide you with the tools needed to become an effective teacher. Our program is approved by the Missouri State Board of Education and accredited by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

As a student in the middle school education program you will:

  • Become certified to teach grades five through nine in the state of Missouri
  • Learn from qualified faculty who have a wide variety of knowledge and backgrounds, and are experts in preparing students to become successful teachers
  • Participate in high-quality practicum experiences at Greenwood Laboratory School or area schools that will allow you to be confident, comfortable and well-prepared as you begin your teaching career

Successful completion of our program will also give you certification in two content areas. You can choose between the following six subject matter options:

  • Language arts and social sciences 
  • Language arts and mathematics 
  • Language arts and sciences 
  • Mathematics and social sciences  
  • Mathematics and science 
  • Science and social sciences