Special Education Alternative Certification Track

 Springfield CC Center

Our program offers a special education alternative certification track (SEACT) designed for students with no previous teacher certification to obtain initial teacher certification in mild to moderate disabilities, while concurrently obtaining a master’s degree. Expectations are high for candidates in the program; however, the competency based course work is highly structured with significant advisor and faculty support. The SEACT contains a blend of onsite methods, lab course work, online, arranged practicum, or condensed summer instructional format to support the alternative nature of the program and the demands on students who are teaching while completing a graduate degree.

Who would choose the SEACT program route to certification? 

  • Students who want to earn a master's degree while also earning certification 
  • Students who would like to take primarily evening and summer course work
  • Students who have a provisional teaching certificate to serve in a mild to moderate classroom

Required course work in addition to the core classes:

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
SPE 715 Foundations in Special Education 3 hrs
SPE 792 Advanced Diagnosis and Remediation of Students with Disabilities Lab 2 hrs
SPE 784 Advanced Procedures in Teaching Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities 3 hrs
SPE 789 Practicum-The Exceptional Child 3 hrs
PSY 703 Human Growth and Development 3 hrs
SPE 617 Effective Practices in Special Education 4 hrs
SPE 780* Contemporary Issues in Special Education 3 hrs
SPE 664 Language Development of Exceptional Students 3 hrs
SPE 616 Foundations of Behavioral Analysis and Interventions in Applied Settings 3 hrs
SPE 613* Physical and Health Needs of Students With Disabilities 3 hrs
SFR 750 Philosophies of Education 3 hrs
RDG 660 Diversity Issues in Literacy and Content Area Instruction 2 hrs
  To Total 44 hours

* Offered via internet or alternative delivery system based on availability.