Missouri State University Policy - Faculty Handbook:

4.5.1.  TEACHING 

Beyond teaching, expected faculty workloads for faculty with standard appointments involve significant  responsibilities for research and service. Accordingly, average departmental teaching loads for full-time faculty should approximate 18 equated hours per academic year, and no faculty should be expected to teach more than 24 equated hours per academic year. Teaching assignments for clinical and research faculty will vary. 

The College of Education Faculty Workload policy guides all academic departments in the College of Education as department heads assign faculty time for teaching, research, and service.  The COE policy is a supplement to the University Faculty Workload Policy (As stated above) and neither replaces nor supersedes the University policy.


  • Instructors with neither research nor service requirements will be assigned 15 hours teaching each semester.
  • Instructors with no research but some service requirements may be assigned 12 hours teaching each semester, as deemed appropriate by the department head and college dean.
  • If instructors choose to engage in research or service activities beyond an equivalent of 3 hours assigned time, they may do so but with no additional reassigned time beyond 3 hours, maintaining a teaching assignment of 12 hours.

Tenure-Track Ranked Faculty

All tenure-track ranked faculty will be assigned 12 hours teaching. If a faculty member documents an established research agenda, the department head may reassign three hours for research. Service is an expectation that will not result in reassigned time except for special or extenuating circumstances as determined by the department head in consultation with the dean.


The process for negotiating reassigned time entails the following steps: 

  • Faculty request reassigned time during annual workload negotiations with department heads.
  • Heads discuss with dean who provides oversight
  • Heads notify faculty in writing regarding workload negotiation, including reassigned time.

Summer Assignments

The courses and number of sections to be taught in the summer sessions will be determined by and based on student need.  While summer teaching, et al. assignments are not guaranteed, faculty may teach up to 8 hours as an in-load summer assignment. In some circumstances faculty may teach 9 hours in the summer, but will receive compensation for 8 hours.

Minimum Course Enrollment Guidelines

Generally, course section enrollments in the College of Education, for all academic terms (Fall, Spring and/or Summer) should meet the following minima:

Course LevelMinimum Section Enrollment
100-299 18
300-599 12
600 and above 8