Positive Behavior Support

The mission of MO SW-PBS is to empower schools and districts to establish and sustain positive and effective environments, where a research-based, multi-tiered behavioral framework is implemented with fidelity and equity for all students.


Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support (SW-PBS) is a framework for creating safe and orderly learning environments in schools, while improving the social-emotional outcomes for students. It is a proactive approach that relies on research based practices, including developing clear behavioral expectations, teaching these expectations, acknowledging appropriate behavior, consistently correcting inappropriate behavior, and using behavioral data to systematically solve problems.

Tier training

MO SW-PBS provides training to school leadership teams in a specific progression that begins with an Exploration Phase, the three phases of Tier 1 (Preparation, Emerging and Emerging Advanced), and the levels of Tiers 1, 2 and 3. The training curriculum is provided across the 3 tiers with a focus on distinct preparation/piloting and implementation phases at each tier. Readiness indicators have been developed for each tier of training.