Functional Behavior Assessment: Behavior Change That Works

Functional Behavior Assessment: Behavior Change That Works (FBA)

Previously, traditional methods of dealing with problem behavior focused on consequences (especially punishment) and ignored underlying reasons for behavior. They were generally inappropriate, difficult to implement in classrooms, and highly ineffective. Functional Behavioral Assessment is a process used to gather details about the events that predict and maintain a student's problem behavior. An FBA can be used to help educators develop a hypothesis concerning the reason for the behavior and select effective behavioral supports to address the interfering behavior.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Know the steps of a Functional Behavior Assessment
  • Identify replacement skills for challenging behavior
  • How to select appropriate EBPs to implement
  • Develop and utilize behavior support plans
Workshop information
  • Duration: one day
  • Mode: face-to-face
  • Prerequisite: ABA 101: The Key to Managing Behavior; completion of the Introduction to the Education of Students with Autism training is suggested, but not required
  • Target Audience: Special education teachers, regular education teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and related services providers