STAR Workshop

STAR stands for Strategies for Teaching based on Autism Research. The workshop is designed for special education teachers, special education administrators, speech pathologists, autism specialists, school psychologists, related service providers, and paraprofessionals.

The STAR Program is used to provide intensive instruction in critical skills for children with autism in both inclusive and self-contained classrooms. The program provides a structure that allows teachers to implement instruction throughout the child’s day through typical school routines and provides techniques to teach in short 1:1 instructional sessions. The skills taught in the 1:1 instruction can be immediately practiced in a natural environment through functional routines.

What Participants in this Workshop will Learn:

  • Developmental curriculum content appropriate for children with autism and other developmental disabilities.
  • Curriculum-based assessment techniques for baseline and progress monitoring.
  • To use applied behavior analysis (ABA) lesson plans.
  • To teach children with autism to be independent and to generalize skills learned in discrete trial and pivotal response training within their daily routines.

For more information, please download the STAR brochure (in PDF format).

The Next STAR Workshop

We do not yet have a STAR workshop scheduled for the coming school year. We will post an announcement on our social media pages and blog when we do.