Missouri Autism Consultants

Project ACCESS continues to promote the on-site autism consultation model so popular with school districts. An advisory committee made up of directors of special education, DESE staff, Missouri autism consultants, and teachers determined that on-site autism consultation is a continuing need for school districts. The committee requested that Project ACCESS coordinate the service by arranging the on-site visits by a Missouri Autism Consultant (MAC) as requested by school districts. MACs selected by Project ACCESS are talented and expert individuals in the area of autism and related disabilities . MACs are trained, then monitored for effectiveness and ongoing education in ASD as they are sent to school districts across Missouri to provide consultation by request of the district. MACs work using a collaborative approach and are highly regarded for their expertise.

To schedule a visit from a trained Missouri Autism Consultant, click on the button below:

Request a MAC consultation

If you prefer, you may call Project ACCESS at 417-836-6657 or toll-free at 866-481-3841.

  • You'll be asked specific questions about the student to help us determine which MAC would best meet your needs. There is a $450.00 fee for the day's consult plus expenses (mileage, food and lodging, if necessary). The MAC will invoice the school district directly and the district will pay the consultant.
  • When a request is received, we will choose a MAC to visit you and the MAC will contact the school directly to set up the details to complete the consultation.
  • Your teaching staff will receive the most benefit from the on-site visit if after the observation period, the MAC and necessary school staff have an hour to an hour and a half to meet as a team to discuss the consultant's observations.
  • After the consultation, the MAC will invoice the school and provide a summary report.
  • Project ACCESS will follow up the visit via email, survey, or phone call to collect data on the satisfaction of the district with the MAC consultation.

What does the school district get from a visit by a MAC?

  • Project ACCESS handles locating the MAC and providing the school district's contact information.
  • MACs provide a written report of the visit.
  • MACs have skill in building positive relationships with people.
  • Your teaching staff will benefit in special education law and process.
  • The MAC is knowledgeable in special education law and process.
  • MACs collaborate with the student's team to determine workable solutions for the student's programming.
  • The MAC has the knowledge and skills to facilitate eligibility criteria and programming with the IEP team for students with autism.

MACs are available to serve throughout the state of Missouri. A map of MAC locations is available here.