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Project ACCESS is active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and we have a blog.  We use each of these resources in a slightly different way.  Our blog feed contains all original content that our experts create. You can subscribe only to the blog if that is what you would like to do. Links to these blog posts also show up on Facebook and Twitter.  In addition to our original content, Facebook includes posts that we believe are beneficial to our audience, but may originate with third parties.  These are strictly autism related and may include information about local events that occur around the state of Missouri.  These are carefully curated so that we don't deluge followers with too many notifications.  Our Twitter feed includes all of our original content, and all of the extra autism news that comes from third parties that we post to Facebook, and in addition contains news and information that may not rise to the level of "need to know" but may still be interesting to our readers.  In addition, there are tweets from national autism organizations that we find compelling enough that we elect to retweet on our feed.  We believe that it might be helpful for you to tailor your "consumption" of information that we post to some or all of what we make available. Our Twitter feed contains everything we post anywhere but there is a higher burden upon readers to filter information of most interest. 

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Incidently, there are other "Project Access" organizations in the world, so we have adopted the Missouri Project ACCESS version as our "handle" which is moprojectaccess.  In most cases, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other social networking sites by using the appropriate web address and "/moprojectaccess" as in