Center City Counseling Clinic 2016

Providing low cost counseling services for individuals, children and couples.

Center City Counseling Clinic provides counseling services for adults, teens, young children (down to the age of two), and couples.  Our fees are income-based and on a sliding scale.  We will also waive the fee altogether if this presents a financial difficulty to the client.

We see persons living in all counties throughout southwest Missouri, as well as students, staff and faculty members from the colleges and Universities throughout the area.

If it is needed, persons living in the Springfield area, with access to the City Utility Bus System may also recieve a bus pass that will allow them transportation to and from their appointments.

Our Clinic is very supportive of the diverse people living within our larger community and accepts persons of all ethnicities, nationalities, spiritual beliefs and gender identifications. 

As a public affairs service of the counseling programs of the Counseling, Leadership and Special Education Department; the clinic's mission is to serve the community. The clinic was established over 20 years ago with the vision of growing with the community and guaranteeing access to mental health services.

Call us at:    417-836-3215


Missouri Mental Health Foundation Art Exhibit Fall 2017

A collection of sketches, paintings and photographs is on display in the rotunda of the Park Central Office Building as part of the Missouri Mental Health Foundation Director’s Art Exhibit.

Each year, a new art display travels the state as part of MMHF’s work toward de-stigmatizing mental illness, developmental disabilities and addiction disorders.  Each piece is submitted by an individual struggling with some aspect of this spectrum.  This is the fourth year that Center City Counseling Clinic has co-sponsored this exhibit.