Healthy Relationships

How Can I Tell If My Relationship Is Healthy?

Ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Can you name at least five characteristics of this person that you really like and admire?
  2. Is this person glad that you have other friends?
  3. Does this person ask for your opinion about things?
  4. Does this person have good relationships with their family and friends?
  5. Does this person talk and listen to you?
  6. Do you consider this person a friend?
  7. Do you act like yourself when you are with this person?
  8. Does this person have other interests besides you?
  9. Does this person expect you to say where you have been when you’ve been apart?
  10.  Does this person lose their temper easily?
  11. Does this person get angry or hurt if you don’t pay attention to them?
  12.  Have you ever seen this person throw, hit or break things when angry?
  13. Is this person jealous of your friends and relatives?
  14. Does this person use drugs or alcohol?  Do you?
  15. Does this person have trouble controlling their anger?

These questions are helpful to ask of all of our relationships – friends or dating partners.

Do your answers reflect who you want to be, and to be with, in your relationships?



Healthy Relationships: The 12 Ingredients

Acceptance – The unconditional positive regard that says: “I accept you just the way you are.”

Affirmation – We all need positive strokes.

Trust – Essential to a healthy relationship.

Love – That quality of honoring ourselves and others for who we are on the inside.

Honesty – Sometimes risky.  Always necessary.

Commitment – Day to day renewal

Mutuality – It takes two.

Freedom of Expression – Presented with respect.  Accepted with respect.

Confrontation – Not avoided or aggravated.

Regular contact – Staying in touch.

Testing – Going through tough times together.

Humor – The ability to laugh with ourselves and each other.

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