Internship Application


Intern applications for Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 are now being accepted.

One intern position is usually available at Center City Counseling Clinic each semester.  Once that spot is filled, no new applicants will be accepted until the current intern has completed their internship requirements or has withdrawn from the site. 

After applying for and being accepted at the Clinic, interns work to set up a schedule that will allow them to see 10-15 clients per week, as well as the mandatory one-hour weekly supervision with their site supervisor.  First semester clients will begin seeing clients once they have begun the semester's internship class for which they have enrolled. 

Interns at the clinic must have strong cultural consciousness and be able to work with diverse populations.  Additionally, they must be able to work independently, have a strong work ethic and be particularly protective of confidential and sensitive information.  Interns are expected to conduct themselves professionally and act according to the ACA Code of Ethics.

Applicants for internship at the Clinic will be expected to provide the Clinic Director/Site Supervisor with the following:  

  • Completed Internship Information Application
  • Current resume
  • A mid-term/final CTP from Practicum as soon as it becomes available to the student

If interested in an internship at the Clinic, please contact Clinic Director/Site Supervisor, Robin Farris at: to schedule an interview.