Climate and Leadership Project

Throughout the 2007 academic year the OERI Advisory Board focused its research agenda on examining the psychometric properties of the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP) Advance Questionnaire. During the 2008 academic year, the OERI Advisory Board approved a research agenda intended to examine the relationships among school climate, school leadership, and student outcomes. Superintendents developed a set of ten leadership items to be included on the MSIP questionnaire to measure leadership. The report below summarizes findings based on the following four research questions:

  1. How do climate and leadership factor scores of schools within the OERI consortium compare to one another based on school type such as level of instruction and grade configuration?
  2. How do OERI consortium schools compare to a State sample with regard to climate and leadership?
  3. What is the relationship between school climate, school leadership, and student outcomes (i.e. attendance, behavior, and achievement)?
  4. What set of student and/or building-level variables most accurately predict MAP performance scores?