Program Requirements

This degree allows you to earn a master's degree in autism spectrum disorders and complete the courses required to test for ABA certification as a board certified behavior analyst.

You'll work closely with your advisor to design your degree program, practicum and research goals.

Degree requirements

Required courses (40 or 43 credit hours)
Course code Title Credit Hours
SPE 625 Introduction to Teaching and Assessing Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders 3
SPE 780 Contemporary Issues in Special Education 3
SPE 618 Application of Applied Behavior Analysis and Interventions for Teachers in Applied Settings 3
SPE 791 Clinical Practicum for Special Needs Populations 4
PSY 761 Ethics 3
SPE 626 Applied Behavioral Analysis for Developmental Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders 3
SPE 788 or PSY 799 Research Seminar in Special Education (3) or Thesis option (6) 3 or 6
PSY 747 Single Subject Research Design in Applied Behavior Analysis 3
SPE 740 Verbal Behavior 3
SPE 627 Research-Based Strategies for Individuals with ASD 3
PSY 777 Conceptual Foundations of Applied Behavioral Science 3
SPE 616 Foundations of Applied Behavior Analysis and Interventions for Teachers in Applied Settings 3
SPE 710 Research Autism Spectrum Disorders 3 (interspersed throughout)
COMPS Comprehensive Exam (unless completing thesis)


Thesis and Seminar Options​​​​​​​

Students in the Thesis Option track will complete three (3) to six (6) hours of Thesis (SPE 799).

Students in the Seminar Option will complete three (3) hours of Seminar (SPE 788) and a comprehensive exam in their last semester of the program.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Students who decide to pursue Board Certified supervised practicums should consult early (the first semester) with their special education advisor to arrange opportunities and to apply for Board Certified supervised practicum placement.