Counseling Program Advisement and Contact Information


Upon admission to the Counseling program, each student is assigned a faculty advisor. Students are encouraged to meet with and get to know their advisor during the early part of their graduate career. More information on advisement and related materials can be found in the student handbook. Further, Group Advisement is done the first week of class in the fall semester for all students.

Advisor Approved Programs of Study and Student Worksheets

Programs of study:

If you entered before Summer 2018, please consult your advisor.  All admitted students may also consult their degree audit in My Missouri State.

Graduate Certificates

How To Apply For a Graduate Certificate 

Play Therapy Graduate Certificate

School Counseling Graduate Certificate 

Advisement resources

Below is a Youtube Video List for New Students and Dr. Kelly W. Littieri’s Advising Office:

YouTube Video List for New Students

Dr. Kelly Wynne's Advising Office


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