Practicum and Internship Information

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Students complete at least one semester of their 100 hours of practicum at the Center City Counseling Clinic .  Additional semester hours may be completed at approved community or school sites. Check the Counseling Program Newsletter for practicum application and meeting information.

When students have successfully completed their practicum, they are eligible to apply for internship. During internship, students will spend 600 total hours--with a minimum of 240 direct client contact hours--at an approved agency or school with a trained supervisor. Students will also attend class for group supervision.

The program maintains a list of approved sites. Other sites are possible however and should be discussed with the Practicum and Internship Coordinator for potential approval.  


Practicum Applicants

Practicum applications are found here: Practicum applications

Internship Applicants

Internship applications are found here: Internship applications 

Practicum and Internship Meetings

Twice a year, the Counseling Department holds a mandatory orientation meeting for students who are preparing to enter practicum and internship. Students are notified about the meetings through the student newsletter. 

The meeting power point can be found here: Practicum and Internship PowerPoint

Students who enroll in practicum at Center City Clinic will be notified about the required clinic orientation as it is scheduled. 

There will also be a required practicum clinic orientation later in the semester for students who are approved for practicum.  This orientation is scheduled by the clinic director. Failure to attend the meeting may result in delaying practicum participation. 

If you have questions, please email Ms. Chenoweth.


Internships with Springfield Public Schools

Students interested in placement at Springfield Public Schools should view the Flow Chart linked below, and then contact Alison Roffers for the additional application processes and deadlines.

Download Springfield Public Schools practicum and intern flowchart

Robyn Fondren
Coordinator of Counseling Services
Springfield Public Schools
Twitter: @spscounseling

Keep in mind that the application process for Practicum and Internship has been modified.

See the current "Group Advising" PowerPoint for more information.

See "COU Meeting Minutes & Important Dates" tab for current Practicum and Internship deadlines.