Program and Student Outcomes

  • Spring 2016 Grads

  • Student research presentation

  • MSCA Conference


Number of graduates in the past year (SU15-SP16)

Mental Health: 25

School: 26

Graduation rates (as of SU16)

Mental Health Counseling- 80.3%

Elementary and Secondary school counseling-87.5%

Counseling- 83.93%

Students who entered the CMHC (or former Community mental health) degree in AY 2012, 2013, or 2014 averaged an 80.36% graduation rate with a degree in counseling within three years.  Within six years, 82.8% have graduated. Students who entered either elementary or secondary School Counseling tracks during AY 2012, 2013, or 2014 averaged a graduation rate of 87.5% for a degree in counseling within three years. Within six years, 95.9%* have graduated. *Including some students pursuing an Ed.S. degree.

Licensure or certification examination pass rate (SU15-SP16)

Mental Health Counseling: 100% National Counselor Exam (NCE)

School Counseling: 95% Missouri Content Assessment

Job placement rate of graduates (from SP16)

A total of 11 graduates completed portions of the follow-up survey, although only 8 completed current job placement information. Of those responding, 100% of graduates are employed in the field (CMHC in non-profit as counselors; SC as school counselors).