Program Faculty and Staff


Dr. Angela L. Anderson

Primary Teaching Focus: Counselor Development and Diversity; Therapeutic use of Sand Tray and Experiential Therapies, Mindfulness, Interpersonal Neurobiology; Certified in Traumatic Stress Studies

Bonni A. Behrend

Primary Teaching Focus: Play Therapy/Child Counseling, Helping Relationships, School Counseling, Practicum/Internship, Ethics, and Assessment

Amelia M. Chenoweth

Primary Teaching Focus: Counseling; Counseling Field Experiences; Crisis Intervention; Trauma Informed Counseling

Dr. Jeffrey H. Cornelius-White

Primary Teaching Focus: Helping Relationships, Research, Assessment, Practicum and Internship

Robin E. Farris

Robin E. Farris

Clinic Director for Center City Counseling Center

Manages the Center City Counseling Clinic, provides clinical supervision to students, develops and organizes clinic workshops and manages the clinic budget

Charles E. Myers

Primary Teaching Focus: Play Therapy/Child Counseling, Filial Therapy/Parent Training, Group Counseling, School Counseling, Counseling Supervision, Advanced Counseling Theories, Assessment

Karrie L. Swan

Karrie L. Swan

Associate Professor
Counseling Program Coordinator

Primary Teaching Focus: Play Therapy/Child Counseling, Child-Parent Relationship Therapy, Group Counseling, Assessment, Couple & Family Therapy, School Counseling, Research Methods, and Counseling Theories

Dr. Kelly W. Lettieri

Primary Teaching Focus: School Counseling; Play Therapy; Trauma in Children and Adolescents