Student Heal Thyself

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Counselor Heal Thyself

National surveys of psychologists, counselors and social workers show that over 85% of them have sought therapy at least one time, and over 90% of those report having positive outcomes (Bike, Norcross, & Schatz, 2009).

The Missouri State Counseling Program recommends therapy for students, counselors-in-training and counselors alike as a means to deal with stress and increase self-awareness and personal well-being. At times, faculty may make special requests of students to seek therapy when they become aware of a stressor, self-awareness or well-being issue.

The university provides a Counseling Center, Magers Health and Wellness Center, Career Center, Disability Services and Learning Commons, each of which provides individualized interventions and/or outreach activities related to counseling and development beyond the resources of the program. Additionally, faculty or others associated with the program may make referrals to the community, such as using “The Directory” produced by the County Library.

Bike, D. H., Norcross, J. C., & Schatz, D. M. (2009). Processes and outcomes of psychotherapists’ personal therapy: Replication and extension 20 years later. Psychotherapy, 46, 19-31.