Secondary Principal

Our secondary principal specialist program requires 61 credit hours and fulfills the standards established by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for secondary principals. Practical aspects of the principalship are emphasized, and a research component is required.

Refer to How to Apply for more information about application.

Refer to Program Requirements for more information about the program.

The following 30 hours of coursework are required for completion:

Required Coursework (22 hrs) 

Course Code Course Title Credit  Hours
EAD 861  Human Relations 3 hrs
EAD 863 Curriculum Design and Evaluation 3 hrs
  Elective hours must include the two courses listed above and Advisor approval for the remaining 12 hours 12 hrs
  Special Topics (EAD 870 or other courses with Advisor approval) 4 hrs

Research Sequence (6 hrs)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
EAD 895
SFR 890
Research in Administrative Practices
​​​​​​​Field Research and Evaluation
3 hrs
EAD 860 Field Study 3 hrs

Required 800-level courses - 28 hours.  Students earning the EdS degree-Secondary Principal are prepared for career certification by DESE as an secondary school principal if they have earned a masters degree in educational administration or have successfully completed the following educational administration courses as required by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for building level certificate: 

  • Foundations of Educational Administration (3 hrs)
  • K-12 Principalship (3 hrs)
  • Internship for Secondary School Principals - On-Site Parts I & II (2 hrs)
  • Internship for Secondary Principals - Related Agencies (1 hr)
  • Legal and Ethical Contexts of Schooling (3 hrs)
  • Supervision and Performance Enhancement (3 hrs)
  • K-12 Curriculum for Building Level Principals (3 hrs)
  • Organizational Management (3 hrs)
  • Administration of Special Programs (3 hrs)

Students are required to pass building level state assessments prior to receiving certification.  

All Educational Administration courses are taught using Missouri State Direct, or live interactive technology.