Global Education

Greenwood Lab School's Global Outreach Program

Wenlan Delegation visits the United States of America

The program helps foster understanding and friendship and improves the development of both schools to cultivate talented students in the new century. It promotes and encourages educational leaders of Wenlan and Greenwood Laboratory School. There are Chinese students who are studying at Greenwood and graduate from both schools. Upon their arrival, principal Ren and the other teachers from Wenlan, received flowers from those students. Dr. Janice Duncan, Director of Greenwood Laboratory School, and Mr. Steve Seal, Assistant Director, introduced the school classrooms and labs while touring the campus. The delegation was warmly welcomed by students and teachers at Greenwood. There was one American Greenwood student who was studying Chinese and spoke to the Wenlan Principal in Chinese. Principal Ren spoke highly of this young man's grasp of the language.

Dr. Duncan exchanges gifts with the Wenlan School delegation.

Chinese students and the Wenlan delegation visiting Greenwood.

The Wenlan delegation and students visit one of our science laboratories.