Greenwood Ambassadors

Ambassador responsibilities

  • Give Tours to Prospective Students and Families
  • Host Some School-Wide Events
  • Attend Meetings
  • Provide VIP Hospitality
  • Perform Campus and Community Service

Selection as a Greenwood Ambassador is an honor and a privilege. Being an Ambassador will add to your credentials and abilities as well as set you apart from the crowd. The Administration relies on us to assume the significant responsibilities of representing Greenwood to prospective students and families, attending meetings, and volunteering for special events.

We also host some school-wide events, provide VIP hospitality, and perform campus and community service. Enthusiasm, dedication, and positive attitude are essential traits we look for in new Ambassadors. When prospective students visit Greenwood they are exploring decisions affecting their future. As one of the first individuals prospective students meet, you will play a very important role in their decision making process and view of Greenwood's students, academic programs, facilities, and culture.

As an Ambassador you will have the opportunity to learn more about Greenwood's history and traditions. Your Ambassador experience will also set you apart when you graduate because it demonstrates your excellent communication skills which are highly valued in today's competitive college selection process.