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Hispanic Initiatives Program (HIP)

Hispanic Initiatives Program (HIP)


Missouri State University through the College of Education has developed the Hispanic Initiatives Program (HIP). The purpose of the Hispanic Initiatives Program (HIP) is to immerse Missouri State University students in diverse cultural settings, while providing maximum benefits to the Hispanic students in the University's service area. Program participants work with different schools in southwest Missouri to promote and support the academic and social development of Hispanic youth. The program offers a diverse number of activities that engage students in education, including individualized academic support for those who are not yet fluent in English or who require such assistance. This program also seeks the active participation of Hispanic families in the fundamental education of their children. The program outlines the American school system and informs the families of advantages, rights, and obligations, as well as differences and important issues that might be helpful.

Our projects

The Hispanic Initiatives Program (HIP) aids to bridge the Missouri State University campus community with the Hispanic communities of the Southwest Missouri area as well as bridging the Hispanic communities of the Southwest Missouri with community organizations and institutions that serve and are reaching out to this population.