Strengthen your coursework with a minor in literacy

Our department offers a minor in literacy that is designed to strengthen your knowledge for teaching literacy in the classroom. A minor in literacy is also an excellent supplement to any degree program.

A minimum of 23 hours are required from the following courses to complete this program:


Bachelor of Science in Education (Non-Certifiable)
  1. RDG 318(3) or 474(3); RDG 420(3), 421(2), 540(3); ENG 334(3).
  2. Additional electives from the following to bring total to 23 hours: RDG 318(3) or 474(3) if not counted above; RDG 560(3) or 565(3); 573(3), 580(3)*, 585(3)*; ENG 338(3) or ENG 536(3); PSY 331(3), PSY 441(3)*; SPE 584(3) or CSD 312(3); PSY 508(3)* or SPE 515(3)* or other electives approved by the department.
    *Courses may be applied toward teacher certification in Special Reading (K-12). Additional coursework will be required for the teacher's certificate.

For more information about Literacy Minor, contact Dr. Kayla Lewis at 417-836-4196.