Student Teaching

Student Teaching

Expanding your classroom knowledge with supervised teaching experiences

Candidates in the MAT program will apply for supervised teaching by February 1st for the Fall semester and August 1st for the Spring semester.

Teaching on a Provisional Certificate

Many MAT teacher candidates will begin teaching on a Provisional teaching certificate while completing the MAT degree. These teacher candidates are actually the teacher of record in the classroom. For these candidates, this assignment will be used to meet supervised teaching requirements. A University Supervisor and Cooperating Teacher will be assigned to the teacher candidate and will complete performance evaluations for certification.  The University Supervisor will conduct approximately six observations over two semesters starting in SEC 783, Internship in Teaching I (practicum), and concluding with SEC 784, Internship in Teaching II (supervised teaching).

For everyone else not teaching on a Provisional certificate, a placement will be made through the Professional Education Services placement office

5–9 Middle School certification

MAT is a 9-12 or K-12 Secondary Education certification program. If adding grades 5-9 Middle School certification, please note the following:

  • If teaching on a Provisional certificate, it must be done in your primary 9-12 or K-12 certification area. If adding Middle School certification to your 9-12 or K-12, you will still complete your Practicum and Student Teaching in your primary area.
  • If not teaching on a Provisional certificate and plan to add Middle School 5-9 in the same 9-12 or K-12 certification area, you need to pass the MoCA #062 Professional Knowledge: Middle School. You will then apply to add the Middle School 5-9 certificate after you are certified in the same 9-12 or K-12 certification area.