Requirements for Admission to Teacher Education

Admission to teacher education is required for specific courses.

Acceptance is based upon successful completion of the following items:

  • Completion of EDC 150 with pass (for transfer students only with a PEU 015 credit only)
  • Completion of SEC 302, ELE 302, ECE 304, SPE 310, MUS 200, KIN 200, or PEU 015 with a grade of C or better NOTE: ELE 302/PEU 015 requires a grade of B or higher for elementary education majors
  • Completion of COM 115 with C or higher
  • A grade of C or higher in all professional education coursework completed NOTE: A grade of B or higher is required for elementary education majors
  • Completion of 45 semester hours for secondary education students, 30 semester hours for elementary education students
  • 2.75 combined GPA
  • 2.5 or higher content GPA. Exceptions: History majors must have 2.75 content (major) GPA and Music majors must have 3.00 content (major) GPA
  • MoVECHS (Missouri Volunteer and Employee Criminal History Service)
  • An ACT composite score of 20 or better, (must be on file with MSU), OR earned passing scores on all four MoGEA sub-tests.
  • Professional Disposition Checklist
  • Teacher Education Contract
  • Purchased and activated Taskstream subscription
  • EPPC approval for admission to the Teacher Education program

Upon successful completion of SEC 302, a student's record will be reviewed to determine whether the student meets the teacher education program requirements. If all requirements have not been met, the student is not allowed to take additional professional education courses until removing deficiencies. Candidate recommendation is made to the Professional Education Committee when the above are completed.