Program Requirements

Degree requirements

Course Requirements   33 hours

Courses may count only once in meeting the 33 hours program course requirements.

Required Professional Learning Community Courses - 18 hours (No transfer courses allowed)
First Year (On-Site, cohort based)
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
EDC 700 Teaching and Learning I:  Current Issues & Trends in Education 5 hrs
EDC 701 Teaching and Learning II:  Diversity, Curriculum & Research 5 hrs
Second Year (On-Site, cohort based)
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
EDC 702 Teaching and Learning III:  Management & Assessment of Learning 5 hrs
EDC 703 Teaching and Learning IV:  Curriculum Development 3 hrs
Additional Required Course - 3 hrs
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
EDC 704 Teaching and Learning V;  Research Seminar 3 hrs
Emphasis/Elective Area - 12 hours

Students will work with the Program Coordinator to choose an Emphasis Area or series of elective courses totaling 12 credit hours.  

Comprehensive Examination
A comprehensive examination must be passed by the candidate before a degree will be granted.  The major advisor is primarily responsible for working with faculty members to develop and evaluate the comprehensive examination.