Autism Resources for Educators

Project ACCESS offers resources to school district personnel who serve students with autism and related developmental disabilities. 

COVID-19/Coronavirus and Online/Distance Learning Resources

We understand that the current world situation has caused additional challenges for everyone and that individuals with autism and their loved ones and caretakers may experience the interruption in routine and schedules more intensely.

We are working to connect you with resources to assist you and your students during this challenging time. Please consider joining our free online Autism Helpline and watching the Homebound Activities category where you can share, learn and find support. Also, follow our Facebook page @MoProjectACCESS for updates. 

Following are some links we hope you find helpful and we will continue to add:

Official Information and Resources
Educational Resources
Family Resources


Resources en español:  
National Parent Helpline: 1-855-427-2736 (1-855-4A PARENT)
24 Hour Parent Helpline: 1-888-435-7553
National Crisis Hotline: 1-800-448-3000


Follow the rotating banner links below to access our resources.  In addition, you are invited to join us using social media, to peruse our curated list of web resources for educators, families, and special links from the Missouri State Department of Education, and to learn more about autism evidence-based interventions.

Project ACCESS Autism Minute

Project ACCESS Autism Minute videos are short (usually 5 minutes or less) instructional videos that provide information designed to add to your available autism resources. We'll cover a variety of topics, including evidence-based practices, strategies and core principles to increase Missouri educators' capacity to serve students who experience autism and other developmental disabilities. 
If you want to learn more about this topic and many more, please visit our Autism Training page to sign up for one of our trainings: Autism Training

The current Autism Minute features Edna Smith, Ph.D., who has served as Project ACCESS Director, Autism Resources Specialist, Missouri Autism Consultant and Autism Team Coach. In this video she discusses Basic Concepts That Every Autism Educator Needs to "Get": 

  • "When the sensory system is calm,
  • reinforcement is available,
  • the environment is made predictable through structure and visual supports,
  • and task demands are carefully designed,
  • skills can be effectively taught and learned."  ~ Dr. Ruth Aspy and Dr. Barry Grossman

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