Building Effective Autism Teams (BEAT) Initiative

The BEAT initiative is designed to increase local capacity for serving students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  

How it works:

Individuals from across the state have been selected by Project ACCESS to serve as Autism Team Coaches. These individuals have been chosen because of their significant knowledge and expertise in autism spectrum disorder and because they reflect Project ACCESS’ philosophy toward education. They possess many years of public education experience dealing with a wide variety of students who experience ASD. BEAT Coaches are paid by Project ACCESS. School districts are only responsible for mileage and related travel expenses (if any, up to a maximum of $75 per visit).

An Autism Team Coach visits your district five to six times throughout the school year. The Coach will collaborate with your In-district Autism Consultant (IDAC) along with other district staff as appropriate in observing target students, assisting with assessments, modeling consultation strategies, and related coaching activities as deemed necessary and appropriate. The Coach can offer advice on using evidence based interventions to build an effective autism program based on best practices. The purpose of this collaboration is to build skills in the school staff and help instantiate skills learned in autism professional development workshops thereby supporting effective practice.

BEAT does not include child-specific consultations. If one is needed, Autism Team Coaches can facilitate a MAC visit through Project ACCESS.

Please call 866-481-3841 or email for more information.