Online Community of Practice

The Project ACCESS Community of Practice is a place to share ideas, discuss issues, and generate solutions for those who work with, advocate for and support students with autism or a related developmental issue in Missouri's public schools. In addition, Project ACCESS online training modules can be found here. Accounts are free and available to anyone. To have an account created for you, please complete the registration form available here (please allow one business day for your account to be created):  Community of Practice Account Request

Once you have an account, you can access the Community of Practice by following this hyperlink: Project ACCESS Community of Practice.

Often visitors to this page are interested in registering for our online Introduction to Education of Students with Autism workshop (Intro). Enrolling in the Intro requires a Commmunity of Practice account.  If your intention was to register for the Intro, you can submit the following form.  When we receive your submission, we will simultaneously create your CoP account and enroll you in the Intro: Enroll in the online Introduction to Education of Students with Autism workshop