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Consulting Services

Project ACCESS provides consultation services directly to schools.  This can be in the form of year-long, district program-wide or building-wide team coaching by one of our trained coaches as part of our Building Effective Autism Teams (BEAT) Initiative or in the form of a child-specific Missouri Autism Consultant (MAC) consultation.  MACs are special Project ACCESS trained consultants with broad and deep knowledge of educational programming for students with autism. There is a nominal fee for MAC visits, but BEAT participation is free (except possibly for travel expenses of coaches, which is the district's responsibility).  

In addition, Project ACCESS trains/credentials autism consultants that are district employees.  There are currently nearly 700 In-District Autism Consultants (IDAC) and almost half of Missouri's school districts have at least one.  IDACs have special training opportunities through Project ACCESS as well as access to a special online community where they can seek advice from other IDACs or ask Project ACCESS' cadre of autism experts for help or advice.  

Lastly, Project ACCESS facilitates connections between districts and third party providers of Applied Behavior Analysis and therapy for districts who have students that need this service, although we do not directly provide this type of consultation.  

If you or your district needs to explore any of these four types of consultation services in more detail, there is a TAB for each offering more information and links to maps, search pages, and provider listings near the top of this page. Simply click or tap a tab name (BEAT, MAC, IDAC, or ABA) to get more information. Once you have determined that you would like more information about a consultation, please click or tap the button at the bottom of this page to request consultation information.  After we receive your request, our office will contact you within one business day.



If your district is interested in creating an autism program or improving an existing program throughout a year-long training and follow-up support system, then Project ACCESS Building Effective Autism Teams (BEAT) may be just the ticket.  The BEAT program itself is free to your district although some travel incidentals may be your responsibility if your assigned autism coach has to travel a distance. Autism team coaches are selected from a group of individuals who have expertise in autism and the educational environment and who are knowledgeable in everything from diagnostics to curriculum to classroom design to features of effective programs.  These coaches will visit your district five to six times a year to offer targeted support based on an analysis of your district's program. To learn more, visit the BEAT initiative web page. To request additional information about becoming a BEAT district, click the button below and submit your no-obligation information request.


If you need a child-specific consultation, then Project ACCESS can arrange an onsite visit from one of our trained Missouri Autism Consultants (MACs).  We have a cadre of such individuals across the state of Missouri.  Like our autism team coaches, these individuals are highly trained and have extensive experience with autism in educational settings.  MACs are trained by Project ACCESS in the philosophy of viewing the whole child within his or her environment, and to structure educational programming in a collaborative manner to fit both the child and the school district.  There is a fee for MAC visits, but Project ACCESS will work with your district so that cost is not prohibitive for a MAC visit.  More information about MACs can be found on the Missouri Autism Consultants web page, including a Map of Missouri Autism Consultants' locations..  To request more information about a child-specific consultation, please click the button below to submit your contact information. A Project ACCESS Autism Resource Specialist will contact you to answer your questions or arrange a visit. 


Project ACCESS School Autism Specialists (PASAS) are educators that work directly with students and are responsible for their programming.  This is a new designation by Project ACCESS and the first cohort of PASASs will begin training in the fall of 2018.  By the time they have earned the designation, PASASs will have completed a rigorous schedule of training in evidence-based interventions, documented mastery of knowledge and skills through presentation of portfolio artifacts aligned to competencies, and experienced in-classroom coaching by experts in the field.  While not necessarily being designated a school autism consultant, PASASs nonetheless can be considered to be experts in providing educational services to students on the autism spectrum. More information about the PASAS program is available on our Project ACCESS School Autism Specialist page and our PASAS Frequently Asked Questions page. If you or your school is interested in the PASAS professional development program when it becomes available, you are encouraged to fill out the PASAS interest form. When Project ACCESS is ready to accept candidate applications, you will be notified.

In-district Autism Consultants (IDACs) are employees of your school district who have been through six days of training about educational services for students on the autism spectrum and an additional three days of training regarding working with other district professionals in a consulting capacity.  Many have additional training and experience.  Project ACCESS has worked with these individuals to become an autism consultant for their home district. When Project ACCESS provides MAC and BEAT consultations, generally we collaborate with the local IDAC (if there is one).  In many cases, if you need assistance and your district has an IDAC, you may not need to seek additional expertise outside your district.  If your IDAC needs feedback or additional advice, or wants to communicate with the community of IDACs around the state, or a wants to query one of our MACs or Coaches, we have provided that IDAC with the tools to do so. You can find out more by visiting our IDAC resource page, which has a link to a Map of In-district Autism Consultants in Missouri districts that have an IDAC.  If you would like to get more information about contacting your IDAC or becoming an IDAC, please click the button at the bottom of this page and submit an information request. Once received, a Project ACCESS staff member will get back to you to answer your questions. 


Project ACCESS does not provide ABA consultation or services, but we can facilitate a connection between you and someone who can provide these services in your area.  For more information, please visit our ABA information page.  To view our map to locate ABA consultants in your region and obtain available contact information, please visit the following link:   Third Party Consultants Map and Directory (ABA).   MO-FEAT publishes a Statewide Autism Resource Directory that includes guidelines for choosing ABA providers, explains what the different credential levels are and what the letters behind the name mean,  and has a "Signs of a Good Behavior Analyst Checklist" (skip to page 22 of the directory for this information).  In addition, this directory contains a list of larger organizations that provide statewide or regional ABA services. If you need more information, please click the button below to fill out the contact information form.  Once received, a Project ACCESS staff member will contact you to provide more information.