Careers and Outcomes

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Entering the high-demand fields of school counselor and psychological examiner

The EdS in counseling and assessment prepares students for a variety of career possibilities. Depending upon degree option selected, graduates of the program could work as:

  • Elementary school counselors
  • Secondary school counselors
  • School psychological examiners

With additional post-degree supervision, EdS graduates could qualify as licensed professional counselors.

Generally, graduates work within school districts or school systems to aid in the evaluation of students’ educational needs. As such, they employ standardized intelligence tests, behavioral evaluations, aptitude and interest tests, as well as additional methods to provide valid and reliable information to a child’s educational team.

Further information about school psychological examiners, including a national salary survey, can be found in the School Psychological Examiner Resources section.

Counselor certification

If you are interested in pursuing certifications in school counseling, check out your options through professional education certification.