Administrator Mentoring Program (AMP)

Missouri Leadership Development System Training

New Pilot starting this year! 

Program Expectations

Receive intensive, customized mentoring support (personal interaction, phone, e-mail, site visits and collaborative professional development)

  • Networking with other leaders (4-5 meeting dates)
  • Additional resources through the Regional Professional Development Centers
  • Thorough understanding and use of the Missouri Leader Standards as a means to improving professional practice
  • Maintain and submit logs

What can new administrators expect from their MLDS mentors?

You will receive assistance in positively impacting student performance, in completing a successful performance-based evaluation, and in ways to prosper and flourish in your new position. This will be accomplished through:

  • New Leader Standards and Competencies
  • Building a trusting relationship
  • Guiding, modeling, and coaching
  • Reflective questioning
  • Focusing on leadership traits
  • Balancing challenge with support
  • Problem solving

For more information about AMP in the Southwest Region contact:

Annette Cozort
AMP Coordinator