Mentor/New Teacher Paired Cohort

Mentee/New Teacher Paired Cohort

The paired learning group provides time for mentors and new teachers to learn together as they network with other regional mentor/new teacher pairs. The group becomes a collaborative support system for both the new teachers and the mentors. Participants engage in practical application scenarios and situations involving relationship-building, coaching, and problem solving designed to strengthen the capacity of mentor teachers while providing critical supports for beginning teachers. Mentor/new teacher pairs spend time together planning, sharing, and reflecting. This unique paired learning opportunity insures that new teachers have the help they need during their beginning years from a network of regional teacher leaders. The mentor teachers receive connections to a professional community of expertise and strengthen their mentoring skills. This cohort is offered as a complement to the new Statewide Beginning Teachers Assistance Program (BTAP) and Statewide Mentor Training - Beginning Fall 2017. Participants of the learning cohort are encouraged to register for those offerings for more teacher induction support.



Regional Teacher Development System