Andrea Rockney

Andrea Rockney is a Regional School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Consultant and Professional Development Consultant. She relocated to Southwest Missouri with a U-Haul and a professional bag packed with 28 years of experience as a professional educator (grades 3-6) in Wisconsin. During that time her experiences included training as a Middle School Literacy Coach (reading/writing workshop), third through fifth grade teaching (all core subjects), teaching a multi-age classroom of 5th/6th graders, and then transitioned into teaching 6th grade with an emphasis in mathematics.  Her various teaching experiences in diverse educational settings in concert with her school leadership roles and most recent Regional Professional Development Center experiences with on-site school consulting, instructional coaching, and collaborating in a variety of teaming opportunities, pack a powerful bag to unpack and share with educators and school leaders.

Specific to Positive Behavior Support, she was actively involved with the building-level cohort of middle school educators, designing for implementation the behavior matrix of expectations for all educational settings within the rural Wisconsin middle school building. She worked collaboratively to develop a school-wide approach to discipline and a process with a focus on enhancing the capacity to educate all students by developing research-based, school wide, and classroom discipline systems.