Special Education

The Special Education Consultant's primary role is to assist districts in programming and planning for the participation of students with special needs in the general education curriculum and in required assessments, such as the MAP and MAP-A, as required under state and federal law. The Consultant also provides trainings and workshops on a regional level through the RPDC as well as at the request of districts within the Southwest Region. Additionally, the Consultant collaborates with other programs in the RPDC to meet the needs of districts as they serve students with disabilities. Collaboration with Missouri Colleges and Universities is also part of the job embedded responsibilities assigned to the Consultant.

Districts should call on the Consultant to assist with comprehensive school improvement plans (CSIP), professional development, and other school based improvement efforts.

The position of Special Education Consultant is funded through a grant awarded by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to the Southwest Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC) with support from Missouri State University.

About the consultants

Cheryl Wrinkle (CWrinkle@missouristate.edu) has a background as a special education director and a federal programs coordinator in the southwest Missouri area. She is certified as a school counselor as well as a psychological examiner. She currently serves as a Special Education Consultant at the elementary level at the SWRPDC. Her areas of expertise include MAP-A, Standards Based IEPS, Co-Teaching practices, special education process, assessments, RtI, and differentiated instruction.

Jennifer Beuerlein (jenniferbeuerlein@missouristate.edu) is a Compliance Consultant with 27 years of experience in the field of special education. She is an experienced special educator, counselor and administrator. Jennifer has expertise in special education programming and extensive knowledge of IDEA federal and state regulations.

Technical assistance and support to your district

The Special Education Consultant can assist districts in addressing the needs of students with disabilities in any of the following ways:

  • Regional Trainings through the RPDC
  • District, Building or Department level staff development and training
  • Analysis of APR's and MAP scores specific to participation of students with disabilities
  • Planning for and addressing the improvement of MAP scores for students with disabilities
  • Classroom Support and Assistance for implementation of instructional strategies
  • Follow-up and technical assistance for implementation after training
  • Other requests as made by districts, RPDC or DESE