Internship Academy

Is the IA the right fit for you?

The IA provides exceptional preparation for interns. Rather than learning about teaching, interns are teaching, reflecting, and refining their practice. Interns have the support of a team of experienced educators to help coach them and improve their skills. They graduate ready to start their career essentially having already completed a year of teaching.

The traditional route of fall practicum and spring student teaching also provides excellent preparation for students. Both programs address the same course competencies and prepare students for certification. The IA is rigorous and is time and work intensive. Interns spend more time in the classroom, more time preparing for lessons, more time reflecting, and more time refining their craft.

The Internship Academy might be a good fit for you if you have good time management skills, deal with stress well, work well with others, are available to be in the classroom 7:30-4:30 Monday through Friday, and are eager to jump into teaching with both feet.

Yearlong Clinical Placement

The Internship Academy, is a yearlong field experience in a single public school setting providing excellent preparation for a teaching career. The Internship Academy allows teacher preparation students to engage in active learning in an elementary classroom for an entire school year.  University coursework is integrated into this placement.

Interns co-teach for an entire school year while paired with a Master Teacher. This provides the opportunity to actively apply learning, receive feedback, and grow as a teacher. Along with a Master Teacher, the intern also has the support of a Teacher in Residence, MSU faculty, and a collaborative community of educators in the placement building.



Course competencies are woven throughout the experience and align with the scope and sequence of the school curriculum. School partners and MSU faculty collaborate to develop a synergetic relationship which provides a ] unique experience and combines theory with practice that is not mutually exclusive. Interns participate in all aspects of the host school districts’ professional training opportunities and become an integral part of the school culture.


The Internship is an option during a teacher preparation student's final two semesters. It begins in the fall semester and continues into the spring semester, following the placement school calendar. It is important that coursework aligns to a spring graduation. Interested students should discuss this with their advisors.

"The Academy has allowed us to help provide a long-term, hands-on experience that has proved to better equip those entering the teaching profession."

-Dr. Stephen Kleinsmith, Superintendent 

Nixa Public Schools