A student and advisor

Advice for the future

Every student in our department is assigned an advisor based on his/her option area or career choice. The advisor's primary role is to assist students in making informed academic decisions. Advisors in our department also assist in the following ways:

  • Help students decide about career paths and/or graduate school.
  • Work with students to schedule classes each semester.
  • Help students sequence their courses by developing a plan of study.
  • Discuss appropriate practicum/internship sites.
  • Keep students informed of graduation requirements.
  • Stay informed about university, college and school policies that affect advising.

For more information, please contact the following advisors:

Child Development and Youth Development

Academic Advisor: Cindy Thieman ( 417-836-3262

Career Advisor: Dr. Sabrina Brinson ( 417-836-5070

Career Advisor: Dr. Joan Test ( 417-836-8918

Career Advisor: Kim Roam ( 417-836-4151

Family Studies

Academic Advisor: Cindy Thieman ( 417-836-3262

Career Advisor: Dr. Jim Meyer ( 417-836-3011

Career Advisor: Jennifer Rojas-McWhinney ( 417-836-5365

Child Life

Academic and Career Advisors:

Cara Smith (

Melissa Schotthofer ( 417-836-6144


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