Contact Information

Additional Offices

Associate Dean for Student Services

Associate Dean: Dr. Gilbert Brown
Campus Location: Glass Hall - Room 225 B
Phone: 417-836-5287

Associate Dean for Accreditation, Assessment, and Data Management

Associate Dean: Dr. James Sottile
Campus Location: Park Central Office Building, Room 235
Phone: 417-836-4428

Greenwood Laboratory School

Director: Dr. Janice Duncan
Campus Location: 1024 East Harrison
Phone: 417-836-5124

Childhood Education and Family Studies

Department Head: Dr. Denise Cunnigham
Campus Location: Strong Hall, Room 108
Phone: 417-836-8915

Counseling, Leadership and Special Education

Department Head: Dr. James Satterfield
Campus Location: Park Central Office Building, Room 156
Phone: 417-836-5392

College of Education, Dean's Office

Dean: Dr. David L. Hough
Campus Location: Park Central Office Building, Room 106
Phone: 417-836-5254

Professional Education Advisement

Coordinator: Juli Panza

Campus Location: Strong Hall, Room 107
Phone: 417-836-5429

Certification, Field Placement and Data Management

Director: Kim Dubree
Campus Location: Hill Hall, Room 212
Phone: 417-836-5253

Educator Preparation Provider

Head of EPP: Chris Craig
Campus Location: Carrington hall, Room 209
Phone: 417-836-6204

Reading, Foundations and Technology

Interim Department Head: Dr. Emmett Sawyer
Campus Location: Glen Isle, Room 167
Phone: 417-836-6769