Admission Requirements

Applications for admission to the Counseling Programs (Mental Health and School Counseling) are taken in the fall, September 1st for spring admission and January 15th for summer/fall admission. All applicants must complete both the application for the Graduate College and the Counseling Program along with the reference forms. Below the links are the admission requirements, all submissions are reviewed and candidates will be notified of application status. Once selected, prospective students will be contacted with interview instructions. 

Graduate College Application

All new students entering any graduate program must complete the application from the Graduate College. Use this link to get to the application.

Professional Reference Form

The department requires all future students to provide 3 professional references with their application using this form.

Counseling Program Application

In addition to the Graduate College application, all students interested in entering the Counseling Program must complete the department application.

Counseling Program Handbook

To meet CACREP accreditation and maintain a national standard, all applicants must read the handbook, and provide a signed copy of Appendix F.

Graduate Counseling Program Admission requirements

Admission to the Counseling program is selective. Minimum admission requirements and application materials include the following.

  1. Completed Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
  2. Cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher, or 3.00 for the last 60 hours of course work.
  3. Completed Application for Graduate Admission.
  4. Completed Counseling Admission Application.
  5. Official MAT or GRE test score reports (no cutoff scores).
  6. Three letters of reference, on department forms.
  7. Two official copies of transcripts showing your bachelor’s degree and any course work taken since then (transcripts must include the last 60 hours of credit).

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of faculty, after which a subset of applicants, selected upon the basis of credentials and references, will be invited for an interview on campus, after which applicants will be selected for admission.  Applicants will be ranked by the admissions committee within their specified option area. 

There are two admission reviews annually, one in the Spring for admission in the Summer/Fall semester; one in the Fall for admission in the Spring semester.  Approximately 30-40 new students will be selected for admission each semester, distributed among the three option areas.  Students who do not meet the minimum admission standards may still apply, and if ranked highly, may be admitted conditionally, at the discretion of the department.

Selection for admission is not based solely on academic credentials, but also upon the faculty’s assessment of candidates’ personal development, interpersonal relationship skills, emotional and psychological maturity, and potential for professional growth and success. These include the following professional dispositions:  Open to diversity, non-judgmental, comfortable with ambiguity, open to feedback, open to change, self-aware, and empathetic.  Though subjective, the small group interview interactions provide opportunities for this assessment.

Early in the program, and before 14 hours have been completed, students should submit a completed Program of Study to the department for approval.  An advisor will review the student’s academic record, performance in the program, and plan of study, and recommend approval of the Program of Study to the Graduate College.


Application deadlines

For admission for summer or fall semesters: January 15
For admission for spring semesters: September 1

Required group interview for invited students will be Mid- February, 2018, with admission decisions expected by Mid-March 2018.  Digital interview opportunity for students outside a 225-mile radius from Springfield, on the same date

Important addresses

Send MSU Graduate College Application forms, Test Scores and Transcripts to:
Missouri State University
Graduate College

901 S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO 65897

Send all other application materials and recommendation letters directly to:
Missouri State University
Counseling Programs Admissions Coordinator

Counseling, Leadership and Special Education Department
901 S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO 65897